General News


Apple iOS 7 Update

Apple have release a further update for their iOS mobile operating system.


AMD guns for speed with launch of world’s first 5GHz CPU

AMD is aiming to please speed enthusiasts the world over by launching two new flagship CPUs. What’s more, the company claims that the first of these, the FX-9590, is the…


Time to retire Windows XP & Office 2003

It is only 364 days until Microsoft withdraw support for Windows XP and Office 2003, organisations should be planning their upgrade strategy to ensure their core desktop environments are covered…


Broadband provider offering 1Gb/sec internet connection speeds to consumers and business

As the demand for high speed internet connectivity increases, broadband start-up HyperOptic launches super, super fast broadband, beating the speeds being offered by Virgin Media and BT.


Apple’s acquisition of WifiSLAM

As more organisation get into the mapping the interiors of building’s, Apple looks to add to its own mapping application. WiFiSLAM’s website reports that its technology works by using smartphones…


Broadband speeds: Average hit double figures

Average UK Broadband speeds hit double figures Ofcom’s 8th annual report into residential broadband speeds has been published. In Nov 2008 the average was 3.6Mbit/s, this has increased to a…


2013 Technology 4 Good

I attended the launch event for the 2013 Technology 4 Good (#t4gawards) awards today. We heard from the 2012 winner LexAble ( / @lexablesoftware) software, about how they had developed…


Mobile World Conference 2013 in Pictures

A picture tour of Mobile World Conference 2013.


Mobile networks bag UK 4G for a steal

The mobile networks UK 4G auction has been completed, but there is a £1bn shortfall for the UK government.


Software update goes bad

When it comes to installing updates, do you lead, follow, or get out of the way?