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ipad air v surface 2

Microsoft Surface 2 v Apple iPad Air

As some may have notice I like my Apple technology, but I also like a review where there is a comparison of two products in a similar space:


Bring You Own Toys (BYOT) to the Office?

Microsoft view point on Bring Your Own Device.


Questions about Cloud answered – by Microsoft

You may have questions about Cloud and your organisation or business.  I have found this article from Microsoft which might answer your questions.


Cloud for Small Business

I came across this article on the Microsoft website, and thought it might be useful to share it with my network.  I am not advocating the Microsoft cloud is the…


How to add encryption to Office 365

With concerns around data security in the cloud, we thought this might be a useful article to share:


Windows 8.1 – the return of the start button

Having personally been put off from upgrading to Windows 8, I wonder if the future release of Windows 8.1 will change my mind. This is a significant update, and…