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ipad air v surface 2

Microsoft Surface 2 v Apple iPad Air

As some may have notice I like my Apple technology, but I also like a review where there is a comparison of two products in a similar space:


Apple iOS 7 Security bugs

Apple are at it again, with a new update for iOS7, labelled 7.0.3. They have also slipped some of the functionality which had been remove by the major update,…


Bring You Own Toys (BYOT) to the Office?

Microsoft view point on Bring Your Own Device.


Apple – iOS – iPhone

Apple are expected to announce the new iPhone 5S and potenitally a cheaper iPhone 5C on 10th September 2013, along with the new iOS operating system, iOS 7.


Apple iOS 7 released to developer community

Apple unveiled the long-rumored, radical iOS overhaul. Apple’s mobile operating system retains links to its past, but the difference is stark: it is to iOS 6 what OS X was…


News from Day two of WWDC 2013

Day two of WWDC 2013 news round-up… Below are a few links with the news from today:


News from Day one of WWDC 2013

Apple are holding their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC 2013) this week, and we wait to hear about the latest round of Apple goodies. Below a few links to the…

iPhone 5S or the new iPhone?

I am still clutching to my iPhone 4 as my personal mobile as the extra goodies in the current iPhone 5 just didn’t make sense, and as I was lucky…

iOS 6.1.4 Update

I have been playing with my iPhone 5 this week, and today opened the Software Update app, to see 6.1.4 waiting for me. Apple iOS 6.1.4 Update: The install has…

Lync Client for iOS 2013

I have been using the Lync 2010 client on my iPad and iPhone quite a lot for the last 6 months, but got frustrated by the limited functionality. Travelling on…