I am still clutching to my iPhone 4 as my personal mobile as the extra goodies in the current iPhone 5 just didn’t make sense, and as I was lucky enough to receive an iPhone 5 from work, the need to carry two around didn’t make sense.  The other reason not to move to the iPhone 5 personally, was the battery life, even though it is quoted as having a comparable battery life as the predecessor, in reality it didn’t.

If some of the rumors are to be believed, then the iPhone 6 is going to get bigger again, and I really do not like the size of the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. So, what to do.

I am thinking the next iPhone (possible release date 20th June 2013 according to a french website), be it called a 5S or the new iPhone (or what ever the Apple marketeers think to call it) will be the next gadget in my life.