Managed email and application hosting services

We offer a comprehensive email and application hosting service which allows your business to keep up to date with the latest software. Using a cloud based hosting service means your data and information is accessible no matter where you are, and no matter how you access it - laptop, desktop, mobile phone - you have the freedom to access your applications how and when you want.

In addition to our application hosting, our email solutions allow for a range of complexity, from simple set-ups to complex end to end solutions.

Why cloud technology is the future for forward thinking businesses

Using cloud based application hosting has a wealth of advantages over self-hosting, including:

  • It scales with your business. Without the need for buying all the software and licenses you need up front, you can scale your applications with your needs as your business grows.
  • It is secure and up to date. Not only are the security measures we use advanced, your software is updated automatically for you, meaning you won't miss out on updates.
  • You can access it where and how you want. All you really need is an internet connection, meaning that your data is accessibility wherever you are. Neither are you limited to a work computer - use whichever system you're using at the time
  • It is cost-effective. From the scalability to the lack of needing to purchase expensive hardware and licenses up front, you can save money using cloud-based services. Forget the need for costly maintenance too.

If you'd like to learn more about our application and email hosting, or to discuss our other managed IT services, please get in touch with us.